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Smart Box
The Smart Box is one of the most popular non-textbook digital learning tools in public education. The site features nearly 15,000 graphic exercises related to the National Curriculum, 35 cognitive skill-building games and 200 educational animations. Our aim is to offer children a free learning opportunity where they can practice the skills they need by solving playful tasks. The collection of exercises can be used for classroom, individual development, catch-up or individual learning at home. The site also includes a range of special content - social skills development, health education, cultural heritage of the Carpathian Basin - and features. The experiential learning and teaching process is supported by a teacher module, a knowledge test, a tournament and other online competitions. www.okosdoboz.hu

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Foreign regions
The Smart Box's Foreign Regions subpage features over 500 playful exercises with unique graphics that help students learn about the cultural values of Hungarian regions beyond the border. The tasks present the Hungarian history, built and natural heritage, folk traditions, music and cultural treasures of the regions of Felvidék, Kárpátalja, Transylvania, Vajdaság, Croatia and Muravidék. The uniqueness of the collection of exercises lies, among other things, in the fact that Hungarian teachers living across the border took part in their development. The collection of exercises was produced with the support of the Prime Minister's Office.
Social skills
On the Smart Box Social Connections page, we provide interactive exercises, games and animations for students to practice their social and communication skills. The site includes content for 10 skill areas such as cooperation, empathy, communication...
The Smart Box's Smart Pages, sponsored by the Lechner Knowledge Centre, feature nearly 60 digital exercises that playfully flash interesting facts about cartography, geography and architecture. The tasks are linked to the knowledge content of geography and visual culture.
Feed your brain
The Feed Your Mind site features 43 graphic animations and 202 interactive digital exercises on healthy living. Our aim is to spread the message of health awareness, good eating habits and physical activity. The Eat Your Mind programme has been developed in partnership with Nestlé for Healthier Kids. The digital educational materials are also aligned with the health education objectives set out in NAT2020. On the Eat Your Brains public site, some of the animations and exercises are available, while additional content and online competitions are available after logging in. From time to time, students can participate in online competitions with prizes, where they can learn about healthy eating and lifestyle in a playful way by solving exercises and watching animations.
We have developed an e-learning framework together with 3000 graphical digital exercises and 25 cognitive games for MATEHETSZ, Hungary’s biggest talent management Ngo. www.csibesztura.hu
We developed a digital exercises book for Hungary’s National Educational Portal. The digital curriculum contains 10.000 graphical exercises for 6-18 year old students. www.nkp.hu
Our partners
How much of what?
The What's in What? is an online advice system built by experts, presenting dietary recommendations for children and adults. Based on the main factors influencing nutritional needs and current professional guidelines, it suggests the optimal frequency of consumption and portion sizes per meal for the main food groups. It helps you to achieve a balanced, varied and health-conscious diet, taking into account the most common diet-related diseases.
Life Clinic
Life Clinic is an on-line health assessment, risk analysis and counselling system. Based on hereditary predispositions, current health status and lifestyle risks, it provides personalised advice for a more balanced life and long-term health.
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